Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Deal!

One month from today I will be living in Seattle. Like, living there. Not vacationing. Living. Here.

When we moved to North Carolina, I was 23. I had graduated from college a year earlier and had spent a year traveling around the world, waiting for Marty to finish school. In a phone call to Tanzania, Marty said "how does North Carolina sound?" and the next thing I knew my Camry was packed and we were on the road somewhere in the cornfields of Nowhere, Nebraska headed east.

At the time I thought to myself, I can do this whole living across the country from my fam thang. This whole new place thang. This totally different than where I grew up thang. Afterall, my friends from high school had gone to school way far away when we were much younger. So I could too. Ain't no thang.

Once we landed in North Carolina, where it was hot and muggy, where I couldn't understand the accents around me, where I didn't yet have a taste for sweet tea and slow paced everything,  and where my apartment walls were (are) painted the color of band-aids, it turned out I was wrong.

It took about 48 hours before I was realized that this was, indeed, a big thang.

Turns out that the transition was a lot harder than I expected, but now I am so glad to have had this chapter and really am proud of what we have done here.

One month!

(Sidebar: The original title of this post was 'big thang' but, well, you know.)

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