Friday, July 19, 2013

High Five Us!

Last Thursday we celebrated our fourth anniversary. This year, among other things, we adapted the habit of high-fiving each other to remind us we are on the same team and to celebrate all these small little things that we manage to accomplish each and every day (Let's order chinese! This new recipe is delish! We nailed that awkward double date! You look hawt in that new shirt! The dishwasher is unloaded!).

I think I have hinted at this, but this year was a bit hard. It was trying, it was complicated, and it was pretty exhausting. We entered some dark waters and emerged, I think, a little better for it.

There was stress about next steps, stress about doctoral dissertations, stress about physical problems which left us immobile. There was uncertainty and inability about how to communicate about each of these things.We were swept up and dropped unkindly into new territory.

This year exhausted, and then extended, my repertoire of marital bliss know-how.

(And all those married longer than us out there laugh and say you ain't seen nothin yet kid).

And it wasn't all bad, we are well versed in comical relief and loose with applying the needed night out. Most importantly, we didn't give up and everything is looking up. Really all this just proves how fortunate I am to have the right person on the other end of the dinner table. Marty and I are a team. We are learning to take the shots as they come, to communicate honestly about what we need and where we are at, and to give each other high fives at the small victories.

There is truly no other person that I would rather be figuring this thing out with. So to celebrate we went to the only place we thought suited our wild year - the zoo.

So cheers to us, and here's to year five!

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