Friday, September 20, 2013


What are you up to this Friday?

I am sitting at home watching reruns and gearing myself up for a weekend of car shopping. We sold our only car back in NC and have been borrowing Marty's brothers til he comes home in a couple weeks. So the pressure's on to buy at least one car in the next two weeks!

Anyway, here are some fun reads from the interwebs from this week.

Do you shop at Whole Foods, or as we call it, Whole Paycheck? You may feel like this lady.

There has been a lot in the news about Obamacare lately, because of the new laws that come into effect in a couple weeks. Here are some editorial/funny takes on that: From Steven Colbert 1, 2, For the lovers of Breaking Bad, From the Money perspective, a little from the NYT, And Why does health care cost so much?

Let's throw a little love to Science! I know a lot of bright people who work for nothing, just for their love of discovery. A discovery that may one day save lives.

And how about some funnies!

Its Football season again!

I watched this quite a few times.  And sorry, but I had to throw in a little potty humor.

Oh, and how about a few life lessons from LD?

Happy Friday!! We are happy to be here, but sending our love to those back in red states.

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