Monday, September 23, 2013

Resolution Sunday: A place to live!!

Tiny house in the woods

So as you know, finding a place has been really hard. The rental market in Seattle is totes cray-cray (that means its really crazy) and there are a large number of people who apply to live in each place, and every place gets snatched up in a day or two.

house  in the woods

We had our prayers answered and finally, after months of searching, found a place to live. It's a nice, temporary place for us and we are excited about it. Its a duplex in a sea of apartments but it is close to the highway, and in a convenient neighborhood. We have loved our now almost six weeks of living with our friends, but we are moving in on Friday and are way stoked. Which also means we get our stuff on Friday, so no more living out of a suitcase I packed with my August clothes for NC!

House in the woods

I am so grateful!  (None of these houses are ours, obviously, but aren't they cute?)

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