Sunday, September 8, 2013

Resolution Sunday: These guys

See these good looking folks? Marty and I went on a double date to his Junior prom with these guys. Since then, they have been in our wedding, we have been in theirs. Jenny and I were in kindergarten together and have been friends since and Woody was Marty's first friend when they moved into town in the fourth grade. I am pretty lucky that Marty's bff married one of mine. Makes things a lot easier. Because they are so kind and generous, they are letting us crash at their place while we are looking for a place of our own. Two weeks in and things are going great. (I do hope to get out of here while we are still all friends, though).

We've been through a lot together, including this moment New Years 2006 where we recreated our junior prom picture in the middle of a hotel in Vancouver. That prom picture is probably the worst picture ever taken of us. This is not far from it. This second  picture is us just last weekend. We are so fortunate to have friends we can can be totally ourselves with, who know all of our juju (and we know theirs...), and who will take us in and help us out when we need it. Love you guys.

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