Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Impressive and Unimpressive: Session one

Dinner from the Farmer's Market!
Things I have been impressed by this week:

1) My ability to procrastinate on anything thesis related.
2) Seeing this clip. No wonder I am a groupie.
3) The Raleigh Farmer's market. It was awesome and we got a ton of fresh fruit! And we followed it up with a truly southern meal of biscuits, hushpuppies, spiced apples, and an omelette. My mother-in-law was right -- awesome biscuits! The only thing missing was a monk fish on a string (shout out to my PNW peeps).

Things I was unimpressed by:

1) This article. Where have all the reasonable people gone?
2) My ability to secure funding to go back to Kenya for a much needed trip to complete thesis work. Anybody win the lottery lately?
3) The fact that it didn't turn reasonably warm the moment it turned September. Yup, still hot and humid.

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