Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On Education, and my sister

My sister has always been cooler than me. Yup, I said it. Three years younger and light years ahead of me on the coolness spectrum. As a thirteen year old getting ready for my eighth grade graduation, I turned to my TEN YEAR OLD sister and asked her to apply my make-up. (God knows my mom couldn't help. Love you mom!). I don't know why both my sister and I ended up wanting to do service oriented jobs. It may be my bleeding heart parents, both who sacrificed enormously for us and who always showed compassion towards others. (Even you Dad, despite that Sierra Nevada and that you-better-listen-evil-eye you have a big heart).

Anyway, my sister is going to be a primary school teacher and I couldn't be more proud. She is still cooler than me. Although she may get docked cool points once she starts dressing like this..... Ba ha! Telling you to join a profession that is notorious for corduroy jumpers was just my plan to finally look cooler than you!

I have been thinking about how much money I (and my parents, and the federal government) has poured into my education and feeling a little selfish about it all. Education is a selfish investment, until you turn around and do something with it. And higher-educational institutions all around the States are often selfish in their own motivations (for example a certain coach at the University I study at gets paid $4 MILLION a year in salary alone - don't even get me started). I recently watched Waiting for Superman, a movie about the education system in America. It was interesting and depressing at the same time. I think it was worth watching for sure. Do you think so sister?

Also this clip from Colbert is pretty good. 

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