Monday, September 12, 2011

One Month

It didn't take me a month to remember just how wicked cool we are.

It has been exactly one month since I left Kenya. In this month I have:

  • realized how much time and energy it takes to "reconoider your brain" 
  • relearned all sorts of things about Marty, all his quirks and what I love most about him all over again. A fun process - not sure if it was worth the three months away. 
  • Attempted to get some thesis work done
  • Went for my first run in three months
  • Remembered how quickly you lose all your muscle mass and how to ice sore muscles
  • Graduated to a smart phone (cough, cough, months after my parents)
  • Gorged myself on all things fresh - fresh cheese, fruit, veggies
  • Watched a season of True Blood and Dexter
  • Visited three new states
  • TA'd for my first class
  • Tried to read three months of all the magazines we get (The New Yorker, The Atlantic, Foreign Policy, Real Simple)
  • Relearned my southern accent and how much I love the phrase y'all
  • Reveled in my favorite American luxuries - controlled traffic, crap tv, and clean air
  • Missed my favorite African luxuries - cute kids, curious new friends, and constant adventure 
  • Did a whole lot of thinking about Kibera 
All in all, a whirlwind month. 

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