Thursday, September 15, 2011

Impressive and Unimpressive: Session Two


1) Marty's return as the star goalkeeper of his soccer team.
2) iPhones. Have you seen these things? They are going to revolutionize the world!
3) The woman in Harris Teeter who, spying me going for the BOGO raspberries, told me she had lost 18 pounds by switching out her krispie kreme for a bowl of raspberries. When I teased her about the cinnamon donut in her cart, she assured me that her doctor told her she could have anything with cinnamon.
4) My new blue toenails a la 1998. Went for a mixture of Duke and Carolina blues, so that I would still be allowed into my house by my Tar Heel husband and not have my butt kicked on a regular basis at school.


1) North Carolina Republicans put a referendum on the ballot to change the state constitution to define marriage as one woman and one man. Can I move home now please?
2) Duke football, but in a comical entertaining way.
3) Our showing at pub quiz this week. Questions we missed included: The second heaviest organ in the body (the liver), what country Kuala Lampur was the capital of (Malaysia), who killed McBeth (McDuff) and what was Marky Mark's 1991 hit (Good Vibrations).
4) Cans in the trash bin. Let's just say that recycling ain't a big thang here, in fact they had to make a law against throwing away plastic bottles or aluminum cans. This garbage bin, at Duke, is full of aluminum cans. Come on Dukies, get it together.

In other get-it-together news: There was a big slum fire in another slum in Nairobi, in the industrial area. Over 100 people were killed when petrol washed into a stream of sewage. This is not a sewer, because as I learned repeatedly this summer, sewage does not imply a sewer. It was a sad event and hopefully will incite some significant action, but of course now the government is denying any culpability. Read more about it HERE.

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