Monday, September 19, 2011

You look so much better when you...

Today I drug Amy to an African restaurant to eat Kenyan food, purchased African roses from TJ's, and then this song came on the radio. 

It's Kirk!

Every morning in Kenya, Mama and I would dance to the radio station that was broadcast from her Pentecostal church. And almost every morning at around 7:10 they played this song by Kirk Franklin. Mama would jump up from her tea and say "Its Kirk! Kirk!" and we would initiate 7 am dance party. Mama has moves, man. (The concept of a 7 am dance party just sounds so impossible to me right now).

" you look so much better when you smile, even though I am in it for a while, I smile."

And this is how I feel right now, in the trenches of thesis time.

my favorite part? When he says "holy ghost power ya'll!" and suddenly I am envisioning a Jesus figure with crossed arms and some serious bling. Or Jesus with missing front teeth on a riding lawn mower. Whatev. This song is cool wit' me.

Another thing that makes me smile? My bff Betsy and her new bff Scout the six-week-old-how-could-i-be-any-cuter-goldendoodle. Holy crap! That's a cute puppy! Betsy? Also pretty cute.

Also, this. Bah! Twiga jokes!
Maybe Next Year by Aled Lewis

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