Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bucket List: 2011 update

Everyone has things on their bucket lists right? Those things that you want to do or accomplish, even if just once. I crossed a few things off of my list in 2011, which was all in all a fantastic year with a few great adventures - including living for three months in somewhere completely different than home, picking out my own lobster for dinner, riding my bike with Zebras, going to the outerbanks, surviving grad school.  Here are the things I crossed off my list....

1) Sing in a gospel choir. 

Okay, so I didn't really sing in a gospel choir, but I went to a Pentecostal church in Nairobi to a service with 4,000 people and a 50 person choir that led everyone in song. So I am counting that as a win for me. Here is one of the songs we sang.
They That Wait (Radio Edit) by Fred Hammond featuring John P. Kee on Grooveshark

2) Run a half-marathon. 

This was a stretch for me but I did it with consistent 10 minute miles and an ipod left at home. I finished 10 minutes ahead of my goal and although the people running around me probably thought I was nuts and I actually had a man in a car pull over and try to offer me advil and crackers because I looked "like I was in need of help", I did it.

3) Get a secondary degree. 

So this wasn't on my bucket list five years ago but it got added when it became apparent that it was inextricably connected to another item on my bucket list - get a job.

MSc in Global Health from Duke -- Check.

And now that I am done with Duke, I hope that people stop asking me how my marriage is handling the "house-divided", or how I can manage living with a Tar Heel, or how I know what color blue underwear to wear.

4) Go to Maine. 

I think I have always been drawn to this state because of its supposed similarity of my hometown. It was a wonderful 36 hours, and I hope to go there again.

Here's to 2012!!

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