Monday, December 5, 2011


My defense is in less than twenty-four hours. Which means of course that I have a huge case of procrastination  - although can you procrastinate this late in the game? Here is how I have been keeping my mind of the stressful occasion.

Reading this website, Texts from Bennett, (warning: this is not entirely family-friendly, but entirely hilarious)

Looking at these pictures.

Rethinking my summer plans to go to the NC beach (watch video til the end).

Window - shopping at my new favorite online store.

Seeing this and sending it to my sister. Kids say the craziest things.

Starting a new TV series, The Wire.

Listening to Sufjan Christmas.

Dreaming of Subdued Excitement, and all the non-subdued excitement of having some of my favorite people, including my immediate family and my in-laws within four miles. Almost there!

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