Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines to my Real Loves

Happy Valentine's to the Real Loves of my life - my girls. 

Your family is required to love you because you are family.

Your husband is required to love you because you took an oath before God and it is legal obligation (among other things). 

But your girls (and you all have them) love you because you have been through thick and thin, because you have grown up together, and because they know exactly where you come from. 

I have been beyond lucky with some amazing girls in my life and doubly lucky because most of them I grew up with. So I don't have to explain to them about my impossible high school crush(es), my awkward seventh grade stage, the dog I had growing up, my family's quirks, or the time I played the Wicked Witch and was dyed green for three weeks. These girls live far and wide and are accomplishing great things. 

I can honestly say that my life would not be the same without them. 

I rely on you, even just knowing you are out there, more than you know.

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!

Things we have done together...

--Survived Middle School (with some lasting consequences)--

--Survived High School (with even more)--

--Taken life changing trips --

-- Visited cool places (like the Guiness Factory in Dublin)--

--Married best buds--

--Made silly wardrobe choices--

--Made great wardrobe choices--

--Made, uh, silly choices (this one caught us in a downpour)--

--Took beach vacations--

--Survived college (and took awkward photographs)--

--Stood up for each other on big days--

I love you guys. 

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