Saturday, February 18, 2012

That thing you would do if you didn't do the thing you did

So what would it be?

If you didn't do the thing you do, and instead did whatever you wanted? If you could be anything in the world, any job, without thinking about the money you need to make, the education you need to get there, or natural talent you need to be successful?

An astronaut? A football player? An artist? A ski bum?

I have been pretty certain about the direction I was headed in for a pretty long time and this path becomes clearer with each step. So I am quite happy being confident in what I am doing. But this is a fun game to play.

If I could be anything, what would I be?

I could never choose between two very different things.

The first - something with musical theater productions. If I had the talent, then I would be a star. If not, then the more likely choice of a stage manager. I love musical theater, love the leadership (shocking for a first born, right?), love the travel, and appreciate the art. Seeing my favorite show last night, Les Mis, really reinforced my love for all this - coordinating when the lights go on, when the mics go on, cuing the orchestra - every night you get to be successful at coordinating one perfect event. From start to finish. And troubleshooting the issues that come up.

The second - The President. I know, I know, that's super crazy, right? But this is my dream, not yours. Think of the people you would get to meet, the travel adventures you would get to have, the steaks you could order at three am. I am not under any delusions that this is an easy job. But it would be a great one. Being an example for people around the world, setting priorities and taking on the most complex problems. I am a sucker for working out puzzles - and what greater puzzle is there than running this country?

Sidebar: I was actually voted most likely to be president in high school senior year. When they give me the sign, it actually had "Mrs. President" on it, which technically meant that I was most likely to be married to the President. In this high school case, this guy actually was a great friend of mine and I actually ended up in his 
real wedding, though not as the bride. 

What would you be? If you didn't have the pull to be what you are now - and the pull can be a variety of things, a calling, a passion, or simply to pay the bills - what would you be?

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