Saturday, April 6, 2013


Growing up next to the ocean, this is a mantra of mine and I think it is so true.
However, I would like to add 'rain' to this. 

This week was rough. A rough week in some tough months.
So I did what my momma always taught me and picked up Marty early from work one day and drove straight out of town. 

The thing I love about where we live is that we are on the edge of the big metro area.
Meaning if we escape west (as I have always been taught to do), we go into rural areas.
Cows, grass, red clay, and leftover signs for Easter gatherings (free hot dogs! egg hunts!)

We drove through the rain 
To a new 'up-and-coming' small rural town with one converted textile mill building
And one good restaurant with chairs made from barrels and an owner who swears he knows Michael Jordan.

Sitting in the pub, surrounded by windows,
We watched the rain streak straight lines of movement through the grey grey grey outdoors.
And we dreamed of home. 

(I was reminded of the time I played the Wicked Witch of the West and cried
I'm Melting! I'm Melting!)

We drank a local beer, ate a local beef burger, 
and talked it up with the chef who we knew from another adventure.

All the while letting the rain work its magic. 

My momma always taught me to go for a drive, to get out of town, to see a new perspective.
And I am thankful, once again, that I was always taught to find comfort in the rain.

We left the pub, and I skipped to the car singing "Siiiiiiiinging in the raaaaain"
And I am sure I heard a chuckle or two from the once-stressed guy lagging behind me,
who I got to bring back home with me.
Both of us, soaked with the rain.

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  1. sorry to hear you had a rough week, but way to turn it around :) miss you!