Monday, April 8, 2013

The In-Between Days

Growing up in the PNW, you learn to worship the summer. Each summer day you are outside from sunrise to sunset, soaking up the 74 64 degree sun, running around from the lake, to the park, to the ocean. There is truly nothing like the summer in the northwest. Summer means campfires, fresh caught crab, island weekends, and ocean sunsets.

It is quite the opposite here in the south, and that has been quite a struggle. The summer here, to put it lightly, is awful. Summer is dreaded. Frizzball hair, humidity that never quits, and carrying a coat with you for the frigid restaurants. (I could write a novel on how seriously Southerners take their air conditioning.)


I love this time of the year - or as I call them - the in-between days.

In-between relying on the heater or the A/C.

We generally have about a month between them. Last year, only three weeks. The windows are open, the breeze is nice, and the skies are blue. 

Who is up for a bike ride?

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