Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Again, Home Again

I arrived home on Saturday night, a bit (okay, a lot) exhausted but happy to finally be in North Carolina. The trip home was mostly uneventful and I was really ready to be on the ground when we finally got to RDU.

I was kindly reminded of where I was by a woman in the Boston airport.

Staggering up the jet-bridge, two small blonde kids came up next to me and started chatting with each other. In my exhausted state, I reacted just as I had for the past three months when I heard cute kids mumbling next to me.

"Fine! And how are you?" I replied, assuming that they had said "How are you?" to me, like the thousands before them. I gave them both a quick pat on the head and held my fist out for a fist bump.

That was when their mother came in and swept them out of the way from the crazy lady attempting to converse, let alone touch, her precious children. She glared at me and scurried out of my way.

To make-up for my completely non-American move, I went straight to the nearest Starbucks and purchased a Venti-light-ice-soy-chai for no less than six dollars.

That was when I realized that I had purchased (and consumed) a Starbucks beverage before calling my parents. Or my husband. Guess my American priorities are coming back in full-force.

Pictures from my last few days:

One last visit from the kiddos next door

Even camels need a rest on the beach

Requisite coconut-on-the-beach pic

Amy and I dressed up in our new cute dresses

At a floating restaurant in Mombasa

Sharing the seafood platter for two

Cathrine and I with my new t-shirt signed by the CFK staff and volunteers

For those who care, I am going to keep this blog going even after my arrival state-side. It will now serve as a personal blog. Because my life will continue to have global health in it, that will be a continuing subject, but it will also have some excerpts from my extraordinarily awesome life. 

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