Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two new states and a wedding

This past weekend, Marty and I took the chance to explore a new part of the country and ventured up to Vermont and Maine. Our friends from college were getting married in the bride's backyard outside of Burlington. Although the travel days were beyond awful, it was a beautiful trip. Both states reminded me of home a bit. Vermont was green and Maine had the cutest coastal towns. Marty was on the crew team in college with the groom and we saw some buddies from Puget Sound. On Sunday we drove across the state, with the help of our trusty GPS Jill, to where Marty's aunt and uncle live on the coast of Maine. We flew back on Tuesday and our plane landed almost in sync with the earthquake. We were safe but the earthquake provided another terrible day of traveling. I am thinking its a sign from the universe that I need to stay home for awhile. Or at least like a month.
College buds Joe and Travis

We were in the middle of nowhere, it was fabulous

At the wedding venue

The happy couple, and the perfect weather

College buds Joe, Tristan, the beautiful bride Victoria, and Alex

The boys

UPS Represent!

The reception included contradancing, you know, with the do-see-do and all that

Marty and his Uncle in their Mini Cooper

Maine coastline

View from Aunt and Uncle's house

We picked out our dinner while it was still swimming

And it turned into this. OMGYUM.

And then we went candlepin bowling. 

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