Monday, August 1, 2011

Scenes from a cocktail

CFK had a massive cocktail event for the book launch (last book plug, I promise). It was a fun occasion to get all dolled up and do a meet and greet with 300 of  some of Nairobi's famous and important people. I didn't have much of a chance to mingle because I manned the book table during the night with my partner in crime Richard, who is a PYE and a fabulous tour guide. Here are some pictures I took throughout the night.
Moses, David and I in front of CFK

Eric and I

Hot ladies - Saumu and Nina

Eric and I on the bus

Lindsey and David on the bus

Dressed for the occasion - two stellar PYEs Richard and Amos

Lindsey and the Education team - Darius, David and Enoch

Manning the book table

Lindsey and I on her last night

Us with the famous Mama Jane!

King and Queen of Cocktail - Saumu and Amos

Cathrine helps out for a bit

New friends all around

Amos and Tracy

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