Friday, August 12, 2011

The one in which I say goodbye

So I am lousy at transitions. For someone who struggles to live in the moment, I have a really hard time saying good bye. So as I say good bye (for now) to Kenya and those I have come to know here, I am doing what I try to do in the low moments and keeping a grateful heart.

Things I am grateful for:

1) That I was able to come here at all. Thanks to Duke for the opportunity! And to CFK for having me! I thought to myself several times while here "this is what I was built to do". Not everyone has those moments.

Don't worry Dukies - You are represented at CFK too
2) Mama! And her cooking! And her sons who were consistently simultaneously delightful and merciless in their teasing.  I have now had a glimpse at what it is like to have brothers, for better or for worse. Asanteni for having me in your home. Karibuni my place anytime!
My temporary family
3) The patient, kind, and inspirational staff that are quick with smiles, support, and input. And the awesome people I have met outside of work who have made my time here complete.
Nina, I and fudge cake from Java. All good friends.
And especially for the rockstar health dept, namely this guy. Thanks for being my teacher, navigator, and friend.
Ben: Program officer and general life superstar

4) That I have fantastic family and friends to come home to. Believe it or not, I've missed you! Thanks for understanding my need to venture to far-flung places periodically. Thanks for sending all the good juju my way!
My smokin hot sister - Watch out Kenya, next time I am bringin this girl with me!

The grateful heart idea, currently, resonates with both my fave gospel song of the moment and a key scene in a good movie

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  1. I'm sure you had an amazing time and that you will be missed tremendously there as well. But I, for one, cannot wait to have you back States-side!!