Friday, May 31, 2013

Oh Man!

Oh man! Have I been behind on blogging, eh?

Well, I will tell you that it is for a good reason. 

See, we are in the midst of a big transition here at our place. Marty just got a job out in Seattle and so we are planning for a cross-country move in just a few months and he is frantically writing his dissertation.

This has meant the last two weeks have been a bipolar blur of excitement and anxiety, tempered with a visit from my very very favorite kindred spirit friend, Lindsay.  And check out this giant red hat. Isn't it awesome? 

More on all of this later (no, really, I promise!)

But now we are off to visit the one place I know I will find calm - the beach.
(We jammed to this song when we found out we were moving home)

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