Saturday, May 4, 2013


When Marty's brother Sam moved to Paris a couple years ago, we knew we had to go. Using my frequent flier miles, I bought us two tickets and asked for all Paris related activities for Christmas. It was a much needed vacation. We hadn't been on vacation in a few years other to go back home to Washington and we needed a time out from what was proving to be a very very hectic year. What a beautiful, dark, city. Down every windy winding street there is a new church older than America to see or a new tempting treat to try. Marty had never been to France before. It was fun to explore a new place together, even though we didn't know any French. (I took two years of college French but only remember how to say the word for pineapple, which has very limited value when trekking the very non-tropical streets of Pairee).

Sam was a fabulous host, showing us his favorite cafes and restaurants, and feeding us baguette and nutella in the mornings, cheese and wine in the afternoons, and crazy culinary treats for dinner. His lovely girlfriend Andrea, who is also from our hometown and now lives in the Netherlands, joined us for the weekends. We went to London for the second weekend to mark off the top of Marty's life bucket list (see last photo).

Here is the list of my favorite 20 things.

1. Getting greeted off the train with cooled champagne

2. Almond croissant. I am 99.6% sure heaven smells like a French bakery.

 3. Montmartre

4. Hot chocolate that comes as a bowl of chocolate and a carafe of hot milk.

5. Wine shops. Wine shops next to cheese shops. Wine shops next to cheese shops next to bread shops.

6. River cruise at sunset. 

7. Streets lined with cafes. Tiny, delish cappuccinos.

8. Paris Saint Germain game, in a bit sketchy section.

9. Wearing the Arc de Triumph as a hat.

10. The market that opens every Sunday on the little street by Sam's.

11. Crepes and hard cider for dinner.

12. Bikes for rent easing foot pain and giving the chance for walks along the Seine.

13. Lunch at the Louvre.

14. Putting our feet up by a nice green park.

15. Monet's house at Giverny and the waterlily pond

16. Spontaneous trip to the beach with our new friend Marc-Gregor

17. And the sunset on the ride home

18. Trifecta of british cuisine - fish and chips, steak pie, and bangers and mash. 
Pints to wash it down.

19. Ye Olde Chesire Cheese, 17th century pub, favorite of Dickens.

20. Stamford bridge, Chelsea game. Life mission=complete.

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