Sunday, May 19, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Pie Social

I know, I know, I went a whole week with just the Sunday oh-so-thankful posts. Well, its been a full week and I am sure to update y'all right quick.

But first, this week I am thankful for an awesome community that comes out to support an awesome organization. When I saw this poster at the local coffee shop, I thought, hey! Two of my favorite things, Pie and a good cause! And knew it was meant to be.

So off we went today to sample six slices of different pies and donate to a good cause. This organization puts gardens into low-income neighborhoods and teaches about food (like produce, not Mickey D's), to kids in those neighborhoods.

I can't quite remember all six I tried, but the chocolate meringue and coconut chess stand out in my mind. Ooooh, and this blueberry one in the picture below. And also the buttermilk one Marty had. And...

This was a fun afternoon spent in the rain of a summer storm, eating pie for charity like a champ. I am an exceptional pie eater and am happy to lend my hand (or rather my tummy) any day. Note to all organizations needing funds: PIE SOCIAL. Pure genius.

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