Friday, January 25, 2013


Recently Enjoyed

Dollar hotdogs at the first Hurricanes game of the year.

Recently Gifted

At Christmas, brother Sam gave us dinners in Paris, including a trip to eat this. 
Calf foot soup. (Luckily he said we could substitute any other french delicacy instead)

Recently in Rock and Roll

 Kendra and I saw Dave Matthews back in December and had a rockin good time.

Recently on a Boat

My parents boat, at Christmas, with my fam and some warm sammies.

Recently Remembered

A walk in the snow a few years ago with my faves.

Recently in Hibernation

Us, in hibernation this month, staying in and conserving energy. 
Its a calm before the storm over here. 

Recently in Ridiculous

In the last two weeks it has snowed twice, and been over 70 degrees twice. 
And yet I live in a state that has outlawed (yes, its illegal) to use science in policy making around climate change.

Recently Redeemed

Me. After throwing an epic tantrum in Trader Joe's after hearing that they were sold out of Peppermint JoJos, (I may have called the stock guy a grinch), I got a box under the Christmas tree. To redeem my bad Christmas behavior at TJs, I sent a third of the cookies to Colorado to an equally JoJo dependent friend to spread the post-Christmas cheer.

Recently Regretted

Dollar hotdogs at the first Hurricanes game of the year

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