Thursday, January 3, 2013

Bucket List Update: 2012

We just got home from a couple weeks home. It was a very full time - a lot of family, a lot of traditions, and a whole lotta PNW love.

Before I can go into that though, I wanted to update things I crossed off my Bucket list this year. Here is the update from last year.

1) Get a big kid job. 

This year I was very fortunate to find a job after I graduated last December. Its a great job for me. I am doing what I learned in my Masters and I get to travel a bit too. I am doing program evaluation and planning for programs in 4 countries. I am learning a lot, including how to speak 'engineer'. Oh, did I mention it has benefits of the big kid variety (like health insurance!) Here I am jumping for joy that my employment brought me to the Carribean ocean!

2) Have a cute boy win me a prize at the fair.

Every girl imagines a cute boy winning them a prize at the fair. I just didn't imagine I would have to be married to one before my turn came. Nor did I imagine it would be a rastafarian banana.

3. Get a 'hair-do'.

Unless you count the crazy afro I have had for the last four summers as a result of living in the South, I have never had a 'hair-do' before. So I went for it and got bangs this year. It took some encouragement and I have had to endure six months of this song but it was worth it. Here we are celebrating our third anniversary the day the bangs made their appearance.

4. Host an American Newbie

After having such an amazing time being hosted in Kenya in Summer 2011, I was very eager to return the favor. I have traveled quite a bit and have enjoyed getting to know many places, but I have always wanted to show people America for the first time, or at least my very small corner of it. I was fortunate enough to host my good friend Ben this summer, for a week at my house and a few days up in DC. I learned so much about America just by having my rather inquisitive friend around for 10 days. What a treat! Here we are after teaching Ben how to feed the ducks chocolate cake.

2012 was a great year. 
If I had to make an educated guess, 2013 is going to be a BIG year!

BRING IT ON 2013. 


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