Sunday, January 13, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Besty

This year is going to be a tricky one. We have many big decisions to make and a few potential life changes coming. Like what kind of Subaru to buy. And if Marty really gets to name our new Irish Wolfhound D'Brickashaw Ferguson. 

Last year I chose the word "intention" to focus on, and this year its "gratitude". I think that the contemplation of what is possible is best complemented with remembering what we already have. And boy howdy, I have my fair share of things to be thankful for. So I thought I would write something each Sunday about this resolution of mine.

Starting with Besty.

Meet Betsy. She's my Besty. She's brilliant, high-larious, beautiful, honest, and determined.

At my seventh birthday party, my mom made me write all my friends names on cups so that we could use the same cup the whole time to pour out our Mug rootbeer. I wrote "Besty" instead of Betsy. She told me that I didn't spell it correctly. I told her I was just spelling out our destiny as best friends. (no, not really. I was still developing my quick wit at that point.)

We've done a lot together, Betsy and I.

At 3 we went to preschool together.
At 8 we counted Christmas lights on the drive to girl scouts.
At 10 we starred in the 5th grade production of Jungle Book (starred is a relative term).
At 13 we were mathletes. Nerd alert.
At 14 we dealt with first loves that were exhilarating in all the wrong ways.
At 16 I turned up the music in the car as we drove to HS and sang Weezer together.
At 17 we decided that "unchained melody" was our song.
At 18 we went to separate colleges and convinced ourselves we were grownups.
At 21 I surprised her for her 21st birthday by flying across the country.
At 22 we backpacked for 10 weeks through Europe and ate our weight in baguette.
At 24 she stood beside me as I made the biggest promise I will ever make.
And now, at 28? What's next?

Betsy has taught me....

to own your decisions for better or worse
Freshman year of College, 2003

to have faith in The Plan no matter what anybody says
Going to bed early, Italy, 2007

that a well timed joke, or moment of honesty, are invaluable
New Years, 2005

that sister-friends are real
This Year
Going into a big year, I am happy to have my sister-friend around. 

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