Sunday, January 20, 2013

Resolution Sunday: Honesty

This Sunday I am grateful for the ability to be honest in my marriage.

I am grateful that he is always honest with me, from the very very beginning.

I am grateful that nothing is off limits to talk about, no hidden corners of our minds or hearts. From the silly to the profound, everything is on the table.

I am grateful that I am free to be every aspect of myself, from the parts I am proud of to the parts that need a little, er, refinement. And I am never asked to be anything different.

I am grateful  that there is nothing that "we just don't talk about". This is not to say we agree on every detail, but what's the purpose of having a partner for life that you can't share every part of your life with?

And not everyone gets to be honest in their relationship - for fear of judgement, retribution, or dismissal. And sometimes, with two honest people, we have had to learn tact, timing, and forgiveness.

But today I am grateful for the privilege of honesty. 

(Even if I can't pull off jeggings. Thanks for confirming that.)

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