Saturday, June 16, 2012

DC Wrap Up

This week I spent a few days in DC. I was helping out a friend and colleague from CFK with a few presentations and with negotiating America for the first time. We were presenting on the program I worked on last summer to some very exciting people - in other words I was totally geeking out about such activities as entering the State Dept and going into a Congresswoman's office.

Beyond the important work of advocating for the reproductive and sexual health of adolescents in Kenya, I also taught Ben the importance of such things as crosswalks, pooper scoopers, Thai food, and the Blessing of the Animals ceremony. (Yes, we bring them to church. Yes, we bring them up to the alter and bless them. Yes, we use holy water. Yes, we know they are poodles.)

We managed to have a few American experiences. Bacon! Cheeseburgers! Being 15 minutes EARLY for a meeting! People passing along the street without acknowledging each other! Working through lunch! And my personal favorite - a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe with no less than 200 girl scouts who sang - and danced - along with all the Justin Beiber and One Direction anybody needs to hear ever.

Behind you! Its a Wolly Mammoth!

Different HIV issues here in the US than in Kenya...

This restaurant was called THAITANIC! 

Now Ben is here in NC staying with us while he meets with CFK people in town for a week. Welcome to the South Ben!
bluegrass on UNCs campus

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