Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot hot heat

"Heat" is not something we are known for in the PNW. So when we moved here to the South, we knew we were in for it. I didn't realize though that it wouldn't be the heat but he humidity that would really be the killer. In the PNW, you live for the summer. It has been engrained in me that you spend every waking moment all summer long outdoors. And there is only one thing that will stop that strong instinct to get outdoors: humidity. 

The first year we were here we thought we would be smarter than the millions of people before us and not turn on the A/C upon our arrival in August. This, combined with the fact that we basically lived in a creek, resulted in such an epic black mold problem we had to switch apartments. 

From then on we have been on the A/C from April to October bandwagon and boy is it awesome. While I miss fresh air for six months of the year, I am happy that the humidity is staying outside. Controlling the indoor air temperature is quite the art in the south - I swear it is colder indoors in the summer than in the winter. I am now in the habit of bringing a sweater with me when we go anywhere in the SUMMER. 

7-Day Forecast

But today I knew I was finally adjusted to life in the south when the weather man said "Today will be a high of 95, but very bearable because of the lower humidity" and I grabbed my sunglasses and my laptop for a few hours of working in the sun. In the midst of my efforts to quickly gather my things, I missed most of what he said next, but it included the phrases...

"Record heat" "High Humidity" "Triple digit temps" and "For the next five days"

How does some iced coffee and the promise of A/C at a movie sound?

P.S. Can I say how excited we are for an upcoming trip back home??

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