Monday, June 11, 2012

Try and keep up...

Where am I now?

Washington DC!

(Not my fave Washington, but I will take it)

I am here to accompany Ben, a CFK staff member, program manager of the sexual reproductive health program I worked on for my thesis, and friend. Ben is providing insight on his experience working in this field at a panel here today, related to the Rio UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Also, we will talk about the program to potential partners and organizations looking to fund and run programs like CFKs adolescent sexual health program. We will be in DC for three days, and then Ben will leave to go to NYC for two days, before coming down to Chapel Hill for a week. I am happy to play host and repay all the hospitality I received in Kenya a year ago.

So far, we have done the DC basics.

Monuments, almost getting smeared by a bus while driving into the city, and waving at cousin Barack through the white house windows.

Oh, and introducing Ben to the culinary delight of bacon.

For the rest of the day, we have meetings (with real live congressmen and women!) and perhaps will take in a Smithsonian or two.

Any hints on what to do in DC? NYC? Or american things Ben must enjoy or try while here?

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  1. Ben's Chili Bowl just popped in to my head. So incredibly American -- and a famous spot in DC. Everyone who's anyone goes there (including all the Presidents!).