Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Karma: The good kind.

On my first day of graduate school, I walked into the orientation by myself. I was fairly nervous, but mostly just excited for the next step.

As I approached the student center I entered the round-about outside and noticed a big ol' mini-van with Florida plates. A blonde girl stepped out and turned to wave at mommy in the front seat.

Pssssh. Who get's dropped off for Grad school in a mini-van by their MOM? At least I came here by myself, and just called my mom in the car.

And from Florida? Nothing good ever came from Florida. That's where all the wackos live. And overly tan party animals. And roller-bladers in lycra. Who ever met a normal person from Florida. Not me.

I followed her into the hall as she whipped out her iPhone. Dude, an iPhone? I imagined her in the back of the auditorium on her phone yawning while I diligently took notes on how to register for classes. She will definitely fit in here at preppy old Duke. I lovingly clutched my Zach-Morris-flip-phone and judged away. Of course she was skinny, beautiful, and blonde. Pssh. Skinny, beautiful, and blonde is so overrated.

But then a small voice in my head said "Dude. Judgey-mcjudgerson! You know that is going to be one of your closest friends here at Duke, right? Just to spite your ridiculous stereotypes. And roller-bladers in lycra? Have you ever been to Florida?"

And, yes, she did turn out to be a very close friend. And now she is BACK in the Dirty Durham! After a year away to finish med school, she is back for her residency at Duke.

Because it turns out that she not only is skinny, beautiful, and blonde, but she is wicked smart.

And not from Florida.


  1. OMG this is hi-larious! Generally hilarious, but specifically because I'm from Texas. They were texas plates, dude! but the wackos, tan, etc is basically true... glad to be back :)