Friday, June 1, 2012

Lovin' Linds'

This long weekend I went up to Denver to see my dearest friend Lindsay... We went to college together and have been the closest of friends since. Like the kind where you don't see each other for the most part of five years and it seems like you see each other every Tuesday. I appreciate Lindsay for her honesty, her sense of adventure, and her perspective. She and I are very similar the way we see relationships, and our friendship came at a point in my life when I really needed it. So thankful for this lady.

I had a wonderful Colorado weekend with her and Angie!

Gotta go directly for a cupcake.

Brunch with requisite appetizer pancakes

Creek Fest in Boulder, trying on our new hats!

Meeting up with my hometown friends, Kevin and Lisa
(I was a groomslady in their wedding)

 "uh, Linds, What did you talk us into?" The BOLDER BOULDER 10K!

 We finished well! Go us! 
And go training at flat ground at sea level and managing to run at 5400 ft!

 I was so distracted by the stadium finish, and by thinking I had already finished the race,
that I didn't finish very quickly at the end.

 Look at those mountains!

 Celebration BBQ!

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  1. Love the... How did you talk us into this pic... miss you already!