Friday, June 22, 2012


Recently Purchased

Tickets to Honduras for six weeks starting mid-August. Here I go on business trip #2. 
Remember business trip #1?
After working for six weeks, we will be flying out of this place.
Business trip ending on a carribean island? yes please!

Recently Yay!'d

My friend Kendra is back in town to do her peds residency at Duke. 
I made this cake to celebrate.

Recently Hosted

Ben, a Kenyan colleague and friend from CFK, for a week.
What a treat! After exploring DC, he came down to NC for a few meetings
and a lot of getting acquainted for the first time with America,
and all its culinary delights - like Fajitas.

Recently Fed

The turtles and fish at the lake at our friends apartment complex.
Ben and Marty fed approximately two pounds of funfetti cake to them.
I am not bitter about not being able to eat that cake myself.
Nope, I have let that go.
(What fish like cake, anyway.)

Recently Explained

To our guest, I explained such gems as:

Why we must carry plastic bags while walking a dog
Why we giggled every time he said "when it rains, we all put our rubbers on"
Why Americans use cushier toilet paper than Kenyans
Why we must not drink the salsa after the chips run out
Why we put letters in our pancakes

Recently Resigned

To purchasing blackberries at astronomical prices
because we all know that there is 
nothing better than a sun-warmed blackberry. 
Although I am pretty sure that the sun-warmed blackberries 
we picked for free and by the gallon back at home tasted just a bit sweeter.

Recently Realized

I grew up watching Canadian television!
I guess I didn't realize that the rest of American kids in the 80s
weren't watching the guy crawl out of the tree,
watching the elephant show, or thinking lizards could talk.


Recently Snicker-Worthy

Apparently this bug, called the cockchafer (yes, feel free to snicker. I did), are a real problem 
where my bro-in law lives. Can you imagine having conversations about the 
weather and subsequent cockchafer problems with gramma or your boss? BAH!

Recently Jammed To

Here's a song to make your Friday just that much better. 

In Your Light by Gotye on Grooveshark

Recently Re-Watched

Orange County.

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  1. Hooray for Canadian children's TV of the 80s! Oh, and I giggled when I read the bit about rubbers and raining. How funny!